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Devoted to the vitality, radiance
& thriving of women

Holistic Wellwoman Practice

Somatic Experiencing

Hi I'm Ffion

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner | Holistic Manual Therapist | Mother

Through almost a decade of experience in working with women in my hands-on practice, I’ve come to a place of deep reverence for the beauty, strength and resilience of women. I have developed my trauma informed WellWoman practice through the drive and determination I have to live in a world where all women feel seen, heard, nourished and truly radiant in the fullness of who they are.

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 I can honestly say that even after one treatment I looked and felt so much softer and more rested.  I’ve had many massages and healing treatments over the years and for me the most important thing in a treatment is the energy and touch of the therapist.

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